My mom and dad are in NZ. Dad's been sick for a while due to a heart problem. As scary as it is, we know that he is in the best possible care and are reassured that he's well taken care of. In the meantime, I've been given the honor of caretaker/guardian/adult to my little brother, Simi. 13 years old - I asked him once how old he is, his reply....Im a teenager lol. (gold medal for you)

Suffice to say, he's been the best patient to the worst nurse ever lol. From washing his school uniform late at night for the next day, ironing his damp uniform before school. to making him wait after work for two hours of touch training and dropping people home. Thankfully, he never complains :) 

Last night my boyfriend came over, we'd had an argument over the phone, then decided we had to sort things out face to face (fist to fist lol)....i guess things got a teeny loud and Simi bursted through the sliding door and told us both was kinda funny and scary at the same time...but proud to see my little one speak and not be afraid to do the right thing. 

I've noticed that he does not spend his lunch money on food but credit to buy data...He spends $4 max on food and $6 on bluesky credit....I hope he's not a fe'e and bumming off others.Kind of pissed me off the other morning cuz I had no money for either, so I gave him $2 for lunch :) :) :)

His usual stories don't really make any sense because of his stutter, but man does he talk a lot. lol And i literally LOL at the fact that he has an instagram meme account. I think his meme obsession comes from Sam my other brother. He also constantly complains at puberty for ruining his voice...apparently he could sing He has a crush on a girl, he had a few before (oh lord) but told me he got friendzoned (who dat bitch). Hopefully I have enough money to take him to see Wonderwoman this week.

Simi's transition to "adolescence" is exciting, and scary....he's always been the kind of kid who will turn down a party and openly say his parents cant afford it, in the most innocent way. When he started intermediate, he was the only male in his class who wore roman sandals (like the girls), while the rest of the boys wore covered shoes. My mom couldn't afford shoes for him at the time, and was worried when she had dropped him off in case someone bullied him over them. He didn't bug, a kid asked him in front of others why he wore sandals, only girls wear sandals....he openly said "oh my mom cant afford shoes but she will buy them next week". I asked him a while ago, that he should get into rugby...with which he replied " you think i can play with this kinda body? (amen to that) I suck at the water boy". lol 

Biased but Simi is the best, feeling grateful for his patience and fun company while it's just him and I at home.

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