Big buildings


Career driven

Bullet trains
responsible drivers

Sweet bread
No fruits
Lots of veges
Rice for breakfast
Miso soup


My mom and dad are in NZ. Dad's been sick for a while due to a heart problem. As scary as it is, we know that he is in the best possible care and are reassured that he's well taken care of. In the meantime, I've been given the honor of caretaker/guardian/adult to my little brother, Simi. 13 years old - I asked him once how old he is, his reply....Im a teenager lol. (gold medal for you)
Suffice to say, he's been the best patient to the worst nurse ever lol. From washing his school uniform late at night for the next day, ironing his damp uniform before school. to making him wait after work for two hours of touch training and dropping people home. Thankfully, he never complains :) 
Last night my boyfriend came over, we'd had an argument over the phone, then decided we had to sort things out face to face (fist to fist lol)....i guess things got a teeny loud and Simi bursted through the sliding door and told us both was kinda funny and scary at the same time.…

Death - Life

Life is like a vapor. One moment we're here, the next were gone. Isn't it crazy, how much we stress ourselves out on a daily basis? We build our careers, we build big things, crave for extravagant lifestyles, act like stuck up only lose it all in the end (bye bye big ego). I suppose if you have children you want to leave knowing they're secure and are financially prepared for your 3 day funeral (Samoan style).  I suppose we all want to die knowing that we achieved something. People talk about bucket lists, experiencing life, doing it all. Self-fulfillment. But is it really? 

Isn't it crazy how deeply affected we are and how much we mourn for someone...who wasn't ours to start with? How meaningful would life be, if we were to live forever? What does it all mean. If i had forever to live I'd probably shoot myself in the head lol

If I was to die today, I'd want to leave knowing that my family is financially secure, although that's pretty un…

Recent things lol

Hi blog. 
While I wait for a friend to pick me up, I thought I would ramble on some things I've been thinking about lately.
It's been pretty busy lately with youth, church and work. My poor parents are so busy with faalavelave's. They never really ask me to contribute for it, although a chunk of my pay goes indirectly towards house stuff, and mom's stuff. On a typical day I get home around 7ish and then rest. Lately its been 10pm, with which I feel so bad for my boyfriend who has to wait for 10-20 minutes for me to reply to a text. Last night he just got sick of it and didn't text me back :( lol DRAMA!!!!!
Anyways, I went to Supernatural Fellowship earlier in the week and it was amazing. Such an incredible feeling to be in the presence of God. It really put things into perspective for me about where I'm at in life and where God is placed in my life, and where God is in my relationship with my boyfriend. I was moved by the spirit of those who were in the room a…

About a boy....

Just gonna say it. I love my boy <3 How did i get so lucky?!

And that is all...

Thank you Jesus. Prayers answered.

If I fail this, I've failed you Lord. (His words but I'll steal them lol)

Releasing brain clutter

"I have everything, yet my mind feels like its in chaos. Oh how the devil can bless your life and distract the fuck outta you simultaneously." (Last night's tweet)
Lately, I've been very busy socializing, working, playing sport etc. Like yasss I am so damn productive someone get me a medal. On the outside I am like winning at life, yet I'm like racking my brain trying to figure out why I still feel like there is no peace with all the shenanigans I'm doing. 
This time last year, I did a million things at once too. I was life-group and Rocket kids leader at Church, I completed the Vic Plus Certificate in 6 months (which is usually a year and a half to do well), played club netball, took up 4 papers (with which I'm usually only suppose to do 3) and kept up with my social life (barely). I literally was like a superwoman who was slaying at life lol! It was the biggest headache of my life, yet I always felt optimistic and at peace about everything despite the c…


Well hello there blog!!!!! I've missed you. I've just been hopeless at thinking of something interesting to add to my blog.....i.e I haven't done much thinking in the past....many many weeks (months) lol

I am procrastinating at work, so figured I write some random things about life and stuff lol (LAME)....not lame. 

Last week I realized that I still wear clothes from like 4-5 years ago. That's good right?! Except everyone's getting taller and I'm forever a midget.

I swear, 20% of my spending every week goes to people selling me damn raffle tickets and bonus numbers and I haven't won shit. Samoans are forever fundraising, the fuck man hahaha ehhh I know I'm complaining but I'll still buy them. Even when I have to sell tickets for touch fundraisers I buy them all. Shit man where my nutz at?!

Petrol price has gone up. (middle finger up and up and up -.-) And i still roam around and give lifts like a millionaire #boombullet

Touch is life. Netball is li…